Council Tool Co. Celebrates 130 Years

130th Anniversary Commemorative Saddle Axe

The Council Tool Co. is very proud to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of American Axe Making History with our individually numbered 130th Anniversary Commemorative Saddle Axe. Only 130 have been produced and will be sold exclusively here on a first come/first serve basis.

The Image laser etched on the 130th Commemorative Saddle Axe. John Pickett Council-Founder, mounted with hounds, at his home on the shores of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina Circa 1902.

1886 was the year that John Pickett Council incorporated The Council Tool Co. for the purpose of forging quality tools for himself and others in the turpentine industry and 130 years later the fourth and fifth generations of the Council Family are still committed to delivering the highest quality, Made in USA, forged axes and hand tools.

The 130th Anniversary Commemorative Axe is a traditional US Axe pattern aptly named the Saddle Axe. Drop forged from 5160 steel, known for its superior characteristics and blade retention. This axe is a beautiful collector’s item, however it was designed and manufactured for work. It has been heat treated, tempered and crafted with a distinctive flat grind on each blade for maximum versatility. This specific design is a multifunctional and packable axe pattern that received its name from being traditionally carried in a saddle bag while on horseback.

The 130th Commemorative Saddle Axe falls under the Velvicut® Line of Premium Axes and this special edition is set apart by its highly buffed finish. In addition to the finish, the 130th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Saddle Axe is inscribed with the commemorated years 1886-2016 in the lower left and right phantom bevel areas. In the upper left phantom bevel area you will see the distinct axe number from the sequence of 130 axes made exclusively for this historic occasion. The upper right hand phantom bevel area is inscribed with the total number (130) of 130th Commemorative Saddle Axes made in this limited run.

The innovative Saddle Axe design has a 25 degree flat grind on the left blade for cutting, shaving, and carving and a wider 32 degree flat grind on the right blade for notching, splitting and heavier jobs. All combine into a very well designed, versatile and useful axe. All 130th Commemorative Axes come with a fine leather double bit blade cover.

To commemorate John Pickett Council-Founder and his vision of what Council Tool Co. could be some day, he is celebrated in the laser etched centerpiece of this 130th Anniversary Commemorative Saddle Axe, mounted on his horse and surrounded by his hunting dogs at his home in Lake Waccamaw, NC. Circa 1902.

All Council Tool products meet or exceed ANSI specifications.