Council Tool employees clean up roadside

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Founder JP Council

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Mr. John Pickett Council, founder of Council Tool in 1886, was a farmer, tool inventor and avid outdoorsman.  It is thought that he moved his growing manufacturing business from Bladen County to Columbus County in southeastern North Carolina so that he and his family could enjoy beautiful Lake Waccamaw where hunting and fishing remain strong [...]

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Use The Right Tool For The Job

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Use the right tool for the job. Please use the following guidelines to get the job done effectively and safely. Mauls & Wedges Wood splitting maul blades are designed to cut and hit wood.  Never use a maul with a loose or damaged handle.  Discard any maul or wedge if it shows dents, cracks, chips, [...]

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A Velvicut® Review Video

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A Video Review BraveTheWilds talks about the Velvicut® Premium Axes from Council Tool.  

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Council Tool Miner’s Axe Review

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Miner's Axe Review The Miner's axe is an unusual piece of gear. It is a 3.5lb single bit dayton pattern axe head on a 18 or 20" handle. This council tool axe is inexpensive and only costs about $35. This low budget option is also made in America! I split this review into 2 parts [...]

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Council Tool History

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MADE IN USA "Made in USA" is a phrase particularly significant. This means just what it says at Council Tool - and has, since 1886. John Pickett Council began making tools for the turpentine harvesting industry in the late 1800s. Mr. Council was a farmer, woodsman and a "producer" of turpentine. A "producer" was one [...]

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Axe Lore

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Historical Perspective The history of the axe dates back thousands of years. The axe is one of the oldest hand tools used by man. Its uses vary from shaping or splitting wood to harvesting timber and as weapons, ceremonial purposes and status symbols. The first axes were made from stone in the Neolithic Period or [...]

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How To Sharpen An Axe

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How To Care For Your Council Axe Never use a high-speed dry bench grinder to sharpen your axe. You can easily damage the temper and ruin the tool, leaving the steel too soft to hold an age. An old style pedal grindstone that says wet with water works well. Most folks don't have access to [...]

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Tool Care Tips

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Additional Tool Care Tips The best way to maintain sharpness is to use a flat file, followed by a whetstone. Accidents are less likely when using tools that are sharp. Faces on striking tools can also be maintained best with a flat file. Maintain the convex face and chamfer as it originally appears. Prevent rust [...]

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Gut Hook Maintenance

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Keeping a Gut Hook Properly Cleaned and Sharpened Keeping a gut hook properly cleaned and sharpened is the key to its proper performance when skinning a deer or other game. Wipe the hook with a microfiber cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Remove flesh and debris lodged on the hook with a toothbrush or other [...]

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