3.8# Non-Sparking Hammer

3.8# Non-Sparking Hammer; 10″ Fiberglass Handle


The most durable non-sparking, non-magnetic hammers you can buy.

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Product Description

The most durable non-sparking, non-magnetic hammers you can buy. These exceptional tools are made from a tough, manganese-bronze alloy that offers superior strength advantages over brass and other bronze alloys. Council Tool’s Non-Sparking/Non-Magnetic Hammers are the ideal tool for applications and environments where you can’t have a spark or magnetic attraction. The combination of the manganese-bronze material and Council’s high quality manufacturing process puts these hammers in a class by themselves. We are confident you’ll find that Council Non-Sparking/Non-Magnetic Hammers outperform other similar products on the market.

3.8# Head with a 10″ Fiberglass Handle
Council’s Non-Sparking/Non-Magnetic Hammers are perfect for a broad range of markets.
Non-Sparking Applications
• Potentially explosive environments
• Corrosive environments
• Confined spaces
• Areas with flammable substances
• Areas with vapors, gases or mists
• Areas where a non-marring face is required
Non-Magnetic Applications
• MRI maintenance
• Hazmat service
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
• Chemical/biological/radiological
• Aircraft
• Electronics


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