Velvicut Premium American Felling Axe

Velvicut® 4# Premium American Felling Axe with Sheath


This 4# heirloom American felling axe was produced by our most experienced artisans.

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Product Description

This 4# heirloom American felling axe was produced by our most experienced artisans. The Dayton pattern is a timeless shape and much preferred by skilled woodsmen for a full-sized felling axe. After the head is forged, much care is taken in the finishing process. The axe head is rough ground in a robotic work cell and then sharpened by an experienced craftsman using increasingly fine abrasives and then finished with leather stropping.

A sharp axe is a safe axe as it is less likely to glance out of the cut. Be assured that this axe has been hand-honed razor sharp by our skilled craftsmen. All components are MADE IN USA.

  • Forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for strength, toughness, durability and the ability to hold an edge. “Council” is displayed on one side of the head, and the other is marked “USA”. The head will last for a lifetime. We guarantee it!
  • Heat treated and quenched to produce a hardened edge extending 1-1/2 inches up the bit for maximum edge holding. The edge is tempered to Rc 52-56 to hold an edge without becoming brittle.
  • 36″ Handle is made of grade “A” American hickory and its traditional pattern embodies the heirloom quality of axes from times gone by. The grade “A” hickory handle is selected for grain orientation and density. Handle is mounted to the head in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge along with a round steel wedge for added security.
  • The axe head is coated with oil to prevent rusting and to showcase its natural beauty. A Linseed oil coating is applied to protect the handle.
  • A premium leather sheath is included to protect the tool and user and features a buckle for fastening and an embossed logo. Sheath is MADE IN USA.


Customer comments:

“Form and function, when linked, is the essence of beauty.
Whenever we can make the most ordinary something of beauty, we have elevated the most mundane to a place of honor. Beauty and function are united when function has a place of honor.”
October 2011

“I have used it often over the summer and have truly come to appreciate the quality of steel you have used in this ax. It holds an edge better than any other ax I have including some vintage axes…” Your company certainly has something to be proud of.
July 2011

“My Dad and son loved their father’s day Council Tools gift axes! Very Special – please thank all who were involved for us!!!!”
June 2011

“What a beautiful record of your commitment to not only producing solid, useful tools but also objects of beauty as objects themselves. Tools have their own aesthetics and nothing so useful and elegant as the essential ax. Congratulations on your many years of contributing solid and valuable objects that we humans must take to hand where computers cannot do the job.”
May 2011


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