Trademarked many years ago, the word Velvicut® evokes a bygone era, a time when an axe was essential for daily chores. When sharpness, edge retention, and the heft of the axe made the day seem shorter – or longer. With Velvicut® axe production, toolmaking expertise gained over a period spanning three centuries is combined with contemporary technology and superlative materials to produce axes for those who simply want the ultimate in an axe.

How to produce the ultimate? Start with 5160 alloy as the steel grade of choice. Velvicut® heads are drop forged at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, after which a punch pierces the still-red hot metal. Forging is a superior process because it produces refined grain flow in the steel. As a result of forging, the grain is continuous through the part thereby greatly enhancing strength.

Velvicut® heads are finished with a combination of experience, new technology, and old-fashioned hand-to-eye coordination. In addition to steel grade and head pattern, crucial characteristics of an axe head are proper heat treating and sharpness. Velvicut® heads are shot blasted and then touched by different abrasives. However, it is never a goal to remove all forging makes. Therein lies the character. No two Velvicuts® will ever look exactly the same. Each is unique… a thing of beauty.


Innovative and creative minds at Council Tool developed the idea for this one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose all-steel tool. The ApocalAxe® features a very sharp axe blade, hammer head, gut hook, and bottle opener. Sports a coat of black or camouflage colors. This tool is ideal for wilderness outing and Bushcraft activities in general. Handy to have in a vehicle or a clash with Zombies.

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