Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, it’s people who design the tools and manufacture and market them. The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in their work. Our employees have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value you’re looking for. Council Tool employees, as of July 2018, cumulatively have over 600 years of tool-making expertise.

Our History
In the 1930’s, the Forestry Service approached Council Tool about manufacturing tools to fight forest fires.  That led to the development of the fire rake.  Known throughout the industry as the Council Rake, the product is still offered in our catalog today (Cat no. LW-12).
Council Tool has since become widely known for innovative fire tools.  After introducing the fire rake, the company developed the very first fire swatter. More recently, we began making products for municipal fire departments, such as tools used to break through walls and roofs to facilitate rescues and escapes.
Today Council Tool is the authority on tools used by the firefighting profession.  From smoke jumpers fighting wildfires to city firefighters battling industrial and residential blazes, customers recognize the high quality and exceptional value of Council professional grade firefighting tools.
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