February 14, 2019

Council Tool has been manufacturing high quality MADE IN USA hand tools and custom forgings in Lake Waccamaw NC since 1886. Our daily mission is to produce products recognized for quality, reliability and value.


We hope that our website is informative and useful to our customer base, including end users and to potential customers. In recent years we have accepted limited sales of certain products directly through our website. This has consisted of axes, accessories and replacement handles. Generally speaking we make products that are heavy and provide better value to the end user when moved through a supply chain. Transportation costs of the end product are very real. We are also a cost conscious organization that depends on our sales team to provide customer service via phone and email and do many other things necessary to operate our business. To the end of remaining cost effective we believe that the time and effort required internally relating to web-based sales can be better spent supporting our distributors and dealers and the operation.


Consequently, it is our intention to cease any direct web site sale of any product effective March 31, 2019. We appreciate your support of our products and your understanding. We will continue to provide information and customer support for customers and end users and we will maintain and seek to improve the dealer page locator so we can direct inquiries efficiently towards our distribution partners.


We appreciate your support of our MADE IN USA hand tools and custom forgings.

In God We Trust