1.5# Pickaroon; 28 in Straight Hickory Handle


MSRP $69.52

1.5# Pickaroon, Sport Utility Finish with a 28″ Straight Hickory Handle

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Primary uses of this tool are to help with moving, sorting and carrying split firewood or complete rounds, dragging or skidding small logs or branches, driving/pounding felling and bucking wedges, rolling logs, etc.

Other uses include positioning logs on a sawmill, tail-boarding and piling slab wood, brush clearing, pulling/picking firewood out of the bed of a truck, etc.


  • 1.5 lbs. head with good balance.
  • 3-sided pick, sharpened to a point out of the box.
  • Under-cutter on the bottom side of the pick that can be used to cleave off small limbs, and brush.
  • Large poll face to help drive/pound bucking wedges, or small/medium felling wedges.
  • Full-sized standard axe eye for readily available replacement handles.
  • 28” straight waxed handle for one-handed use, with substantial palm-swell for a secure grip, or optional 36” curved waxed handle option with fawn’s foot.(SU150PKR36C) (Note: with the head being shorter than a typical full-sized axe head, the overall finished lengths with be just under 28” & 36” respectively.)

The sharp and narrow pick can penetrate side grain or end grain, and if driven hard enough, can be used as an auxiliary handle for whatever you need to get a hold of, such as firewood rounds, log ends, timbers, etc.

When using two Pickaroons, one in each hand, the user can carry two rounds that help balance the load, making the work safer and more efficient.