1.625 lbs. Sport Utility Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet


MSRP $66.27

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Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet is a multi-use camp hatchet

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The Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet is a multi-use camp hatchet in the Sport Utility Line, that was developed with specific design parameters, so that it functions well for wood-cutting chores, but also qualifies for competitive throwing in both major urban axe throwing organizations.

  • Head weight… 1 lbs. 11 oz
  • Bit length… 3 7/8”
  • Hardened bit and poll
  • Handle has a large hatchet eye, trimmed to be under 16” (Hickory)
  • Made in USA!

The overall design takes elements found in vintage hatchets from the mid-20th century, and gives modern affirmation to those hatchets from yesteryear.

This hatchet is unique In this market, as it is one of the very few hatchets that has a hardened poll.  This poll can be used as a hammer to drive nails, spikes, and other fasteners, as well as aid in the process of construction, demolition, and some mechanical applications where a slight “adjustment” is needed.

The Flying Fox is a great option for campers, backpackers, day-trippers, bushcrafters, preppers, homesteaders, hunters, trappers, tradesmen, ranchers, everyday axe enthusiasts, and competitive throwers.

Prop 65 Warning: This product contains Nickel (metallic), a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

  1. Wade Pettus

    This is one of the best Throwing Axes on the market.
    It was the Axe used to win the 2020 World Axe Throwing Championship. I profiled my blade a little thinner than from the factory and installed a straight handle. I have thrown it nearly a 1,000 times since then and have not had any dropped axes.
    My only wish is that Council Tools would start giving customers an option with a perfect straight handle.
    Love this Axe and the price!!

  2. Paul Cox

    Bought this for my brother in law who’s an avid bushcraft. Hes used the heck out of it and always brags on its versatility and packability.

  3. Tony Franklin

    The perfect camp hatchet. Heavy enough to chop wood with ease but light enough to carry. Great leverage. It’s an award winning throwing axe, but I don’t know much about throwing them. I also love that it’s made down the road from me in the heart of North Carolina. One of the folks who crafted it might be the person next to you in the grocery check out line.

    • Council Tool

      Thank you for the comment! Happy chopping!

  4. Jerry Crowe

    This is my first council tools axe and it being part of the sport utility line I wasn’t expecting the quality and near perfect 👌.I have axes costing 4 to 6 times what I paid and I still needed to make slight changes.I must say from the sharp edge perfect hang straight grain in the hanle I’ve had to watch it as friends and family are always trying to sneak it away for themselves oh yeah and if it’s raining it’s a excellent throwing axe🪓.I will be picking up atleast a couple more flying foxes and will definitely look closer at ct for my next axe purchase.Thanks for caring about the quality you produce.

  5. Jerry Crowe

    This offering from council tools has been nothing short of a complete all purpose tool.I just recently returned to my love of the outdoors and I have the gb Scandinavian axe,wetterlings bushcraft axe,.and I just wanted something a little lighter and also something I could abuse and not get sick in my stomach.I have found this in the 22inch handle to be a excellent chopping lite felling,splitting and carving if needed oh yeah after all the work is done it throws like a dream so it even takes care of entertainment.

  6. M.P.

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