2 lbs. Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24 in. Curved Handle, Mask


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2 lbs. Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24 in. Curved Handle, Mask

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Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24 in. Curved Handle, with a high quality Leather Mask:  The Council Tool Co.’s WOOD-CRAFT  Pack Axe design is intended to produce a multi-functional premium axe which can successfully cut, chop, split, carve, shave, hew, hammer, aid in fire starting, and other key WOOD-CRAFT and outdoor activities. At 2.0 pounds, the Wood-Craft “Pack Axe” is made using 5160 steel, heat treated on both ends for superior strength, and this model has a 24” Premium Curved Hickory Handle (handle length is before hanging and assembly) and includes a high quality welted leather Mask to protect your Pack Axe from the elements and you from your extremely sharp Pack Axe.

Prop 65 Warning: This product contains Nickel (Metallic), a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

  1. David Smith

    Forget about sending your money overseas for a beautiful woodcraft axe…this is the new standard in packable, bushcraft axes. Actions speak much louder than words – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLEv6LoejkY

  2. Mike Presnell Western Tool & Axe Co

    I personally along with Jessie Hilton a former American Fork & Hoe/True Temper employee, put this axe to the test! We not only cut some of the meanest wood available here in Arizona we planted it into rocky terrain and it still cut, no chipping or rolling. Being the engineers that we are we decided to cut it up using a carbide cut off tool. Didn’t want to replace bandsaw blades. I have been a vintage axe reconditioner for over 45 years. Have made many forging dies as well in my time. The Council Tool Woodcraft Pack Axe is impressive. I always buy made in the U.S.A. After we destroyed the first axe I bought another one for my collection. Waiting patiently for the double bit version of this pack axe with a 24″ handle..

  3. Daniel joe Oconnor

    Buy this axe. 5 minutes after opening the box I knew I wasn’t going to be sending it back and could dispose of the cardboard. I had to send a Oschenkoph axe back it was so crooked, dull and a total peice of junk. The Council pak axe I received is a work of art in my opinion. It’s perfectly straight and symmetrical. It exudes quality. It is razor sharp and the edge is sharpened very precisely and perfectly flat unlike most german axes where the edge is rounded and not ground precisely.

  4. Scott Corbin

    I decided to buy one of these axes after watching Dave Canterbury’s review, And he is right this is a very good Axe it just feels Right and is Fun to use. It came Very Sharp with a nice leather mask for the blade edge. and I can now stop looking for the perfect bushcraft axe. I’ve found it. I thought I would have to buy a Swedish made axe to get the right feel, and Quality, but not now. Thanks all involved in producing, in the USA a Quality product at a reasonable price

  5. Heath conley

    This axe is everything you would want or need for bushcraft/wood craft task if your on the fence about getting one it’s made in the USA it’s screams top shelf quality the 5160 heat treat holds a keen edge and the 2# head really makes the chunks fly thanks council for a quality pack axe
    Heath Conley outdoors

  6. Randy P.

    Been using mine for over a year and I am so impressed with it I’m buying another !
    Thank you Council Tool for this AMERICAN MADE treasure!

  7. Justin Hermsen (verified owner)

    Recieved axe from my love of 18 years. Expected a superior product – recieved more. The edge on this axe is more maticulously cared for than any hunting knife i have ever purchased. Beyond expectation. I will definitely be a Council Tool supporter after this purchase and request a felling ax for my next gift. Thank you for taking pride in your craft.

  8. Kyle Carpenter

    The quality of the head is 5 stars. The handle fitment is 5 stars. The thin shape of the handle is 5 starts. The absolute lack of any shaping of the grip or knob gives this axe a 3.5 – 4 star. An axe is only as good as its handle, and Council Tool will not improve the grip of the handle on their higher end axes. There needs to be more of a knob in order for someone to hold onto it long term. Many larger folks in the 6ft + range will have a hard time holding on to it. I blended the the flat grind into the cheeks and changed it to convex and now this axe will smoke a GBA Scandinavian Forest Axe as far as cutting efficiency. As far as the handle goes, it is close but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. I’ll be carving a custom handle for this axe just like I had to do for my Camp Carver.

  9. Danny Collins

    Hey Guys
    I got my axe about a month ago been using it a lot sense day one
    To be honest with ya I was A little disappointed when I got it ,looking at it,,it was a little small most of my axes are a little bit bigger but I was wanting something to carry on my back pack,,The package it came in was great ya could tell someone took time and pride in what they was doing,but anyway the axe,,like I said it was smaller than I thought it would be,,But man o man can this little axe perform cutting up fire wood for camp,cleaning up around the house after a storm with all the limbs down,Ya know the phrase cuts like butter,this little axe doesn’t know its small it performs better than a couple of my bigger axes at least for me it does, Now not to say I’m going to cut down a redwood with this axe but I don’t think it was designed for that but what it was designed for it holds its own very very well,Heck I make better feather sticks with this axe than I do with my knife, lol..All in All I’m very very satisfied with this axe. Great job you guys great job..

  10. B Beaudette

    Received my woodcraft pack axe a few days ago. I put my last coat of Linseed oil on today and I’m very pleased so far. I’ll be trying it out on some woodcraft fun here in the Arizona high county. I love that it’s American made. Seems to be of high quality and workmanship. I’ll let you know.
    Hey; how about you guys selling a woodcraft 19”,24, and camp carver set ?

  11. Nate

    Bought this axe from Wise men Trading about 6 months ago. Been using it for camp tasks and climbing trees that I’ve been cutting on my property. Awesome axe. Just awesome. Great handle. Nice and thin and flexible. Perfect weight and size. It’s been my go to axe when just going to do distracting with my son or splitting a few logs for the fire. Made in the USA!! That means a lot to me. Great job Council tool. I have purchased 3 other Council Tool axes since I first bought this one. Keep up the great quality.

  12. Raven

    Head = 5.0
    Handle = 3.0

    Just received today. Quick tidying up on the edge and it’s preforming really well out in the woodlot this afternoon. This will definitely take the place of my goto Hudson Bay axe.

    The handle fit though. Blech. There’s a shim or two of hickory up under the poll side. Looks like the handle just couldn’t fill out the eye. I’ll have to get it rehung before winter’s passed.

  13. Dr. Chris Dodson

    I originally got my axe in the summer of 2016. I keep this axe in my truck and it has been a beast in the woods and camping. I had thought about getting a Gransfors Bruks camp axe but my 24″ Woodcraft has not let down. It’s coming upon 6 years of having the axe and I will pass it down to my kids!

  14. Eric Uddin

    I bought this axe, got it home, opened the box, and was immediately impressed with the patina, and heat treat that the head had. The handle had great grain structure, was a good fit in my and, and the 24″ is a great all around size for packing, BWCA, or around the yard. The sheath is fantastic, and covered the head well. Want to the backyard, chopped a few small branches, and split some 4/5 inch logs with ease. After holding it, and admiring the craftsmanship, I got back in my car and went and bought another. It was given as a wedding gift! What a fantastic axe, and company. I will for sure recommend, and continue to buy more of your tools. Thank you!

    • Council Tool

      Thank you for your kind remarks! Happy chopping!

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