1.25 lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe; 14 in. Curved Wooden Handle Sport Utility Finish


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1.25 lbs. Hudson Bay Axe head outfitted with an 14 in. curved hickory handle.

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1.25 lbs. Hudson Bay Axe head outfitted with an 14 in. curved hickory handle. One-handed camp axe. Used for light splitting, chopping, driving tent pegs, etc. The pattern is thought to have originated from “Biscayan” in Northern Spain, near France. French traders used this hand axe as a trade tool in their dealings with Native Americans for fur and other commodities in the Hudson Bay area, St. Lawrence River, and other trade routes.

Forged tool steel head. Made in USA.

  • Hand sharpened, tapered bit for cutting and light splitting.
  • ANSI Standards call for bit hardness of Rc 45-60, at least ½ inch back from the cutting edge. Council Tool internal standards call for tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55 and we target 1-1/4 inches from the cutting edge. The poll and eye walls are not hardened and remain in the as forged condition.
  • Head coated with boiled Linseed Oil over the as forged finish.
  • 14 in. curved American hickory handle. Eye section is dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage and help prevent loosening.  Hafted high and proud.
  • Axe head is hydraulically seated onto handle and secured with a traditional double wedge system.
  • The interior detail of the eye is tapered and allows for a strong mechanical bond. Approximately 1/4 in. of overall length of the handle is removed during assembly.

Prop 65 Warning: This product contains Nickel (metallic), a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

  1. Ron Mitchell

    Just what I was looking for to fit with my small bug-out bag. Nice weight for that. Also, the handle size and shape feels good, as does the balance / gravity when swinging. Great-looking workmanship. Nicely fitted head and hickory wood handle with grain aligned correctly. I’ll buy more of this brand – maybe next, a longer handled 2ib axe for when I don’t have to pack it in on by person. Haven’t found a leather sheath that fits this 1.25lb version yet though.

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